Our school garden is thriving, thanks to the dedication of students, parents, staff, local businesses, and Carver County Master Gardeners!

The produce harvested from East Union Elementary’s school garden, which in part is supported by SHIP grant funds, is either used by students and their families at home or donated to the local food shelf. Last week, 35 teachers with Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom visited our school to hear from Principal Jay Woller about how we incorporate agriculture literacy into our K-5 curriculum and to showcase our garden/orchard efforts.

School gardens benefit curriculum, the environment, the physical, social, and emotional health of students, as well as the community. The hard work and generosity of parent volunteers are key to the logistics of our school garden. Thank you for making this powerful environmental education tool available to our students! Also, thank you to the local nurseries, including Garden by the Woods and Willow Winds Gardens, as well as individual donors, Toni Dauwalter and Sarah Prescher, for sponsoring trees for our orchard.