This Point Of Our Star Stands For Better Teaching

One of our pillars for personalized learning is Purposeful Instruction, Assessment and Feedback. Teaching is the core service we provide and we spend a lot of time getting it just right. Teaching is a lot like learning — everyone learns differently, and each teacher has his/her own style of teaching. But there are fundamentals of purposeful instruction that we maintain as a district. One is active learning — humans were not built to passively receive information. We learn best when we are curious, when we can apply a concept in a hands-on way and when we can solve problems to improve our lives. Another is continuous progress: a student’s age should not determine when learning starts and ends. Learning is a continuum where a 9-year-old student might be ready content that is traditionally taught in 5th grade, and so we adjust accordingly. WRITE AN EXAMPLE OF PURPOSEFUL INSTRUCTION IN YOUR SCHOOL. Suggestions: A classroom lesson that demonstrates active learning or... Continue reading This Point Of Our Star Stands For Better Teaching