Parent Input Forms

Class lists for next year are developed each spring to assure optimum learning for all students. Many components are reviewed as we strive to personalize learning and accommodate the individual needs of students. Factors such as academic achievement, learning/teaching styles, first language, special needs, gender balance, and social combinations are considered. We recognize that parent input into these decisions can be very useful and should be considered. If there is information we need to know about your child, we encourage you to complete a form and submit it to the school office.  The form will be available in the office from Monday, April 3 – Friday, April... Continue reading Parent Input Forms

MCA Testing

MCA testing is just around the corner.  Below are the dates for grades 3, 4, 5.  Please work to support your child with good sleep and nutrition during this time April 10-18 Elementary Reading MCA Grade 3 April 10-11 Grade 4 April 12-13 Grade 5 April 17-18 April 19-27 Elementary Math MCA Grade 3 April 24-25 Grade 4 April 19-20 Grade 5 April 26-27 May 9 Elementary Science MCA 5th grade... Continue reading MCA Testing

Chromebook Message

We are seeing a high number of Chromebook incidents recently, and are asking parents to remind their child/children of the importance of taking good care of their Chromebook.  We are also having discussions at school about the topic. Continue reading Chromebook Message